About Me

Erika Mendoza
Lettering & Illustration
Mexico City

Hi! My name is Erika and I live in Mexico. I work under the name of “NukketDesigner” and I have a background in Graphic Design.

I enjoy graphics and working with letters, I have had the chance to learn from the best typographers in the world; Cristóbal Henestrosa, Gabriel Martinez Meave, Dave Crossland, Pablo Impallari, Ale Paul and Martha Cerdà just to named a few.

All gave me the opportunity to rediscover my love for letters, so that’s what I do, I draw letters all day, everyday!

I like to experiment with different mediums and techniques, silk screen printing is definitely my favorite, an intricate but rewarding process, nothing compares to the sensation of printing your own designs. You can see and purchase some of the t-shirts and prints I have designed here.

I also work with paper and a different range of materials.
I prioritize the handmade work that’s why big part of my process is made by hand.

For more, please feel free to send me an e-mail or follow me on instagram!

AI-AP | AI 41 American Illustration Chosen Winner

April 2022